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Thanks to Our Friends at Friends of Recovery, New York for the
Family to Family Recovery Resource Guide -see Link below:

There are a variety of services and supports that are intended specifically for the loved ones of individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.  Here at LDA, our family support group offers loved ones of addicted individuals helpful Family Recovery Support that is highly beneficial for those experiencing the recycled effects of the disease of addiction.
Family Anonymous Meetings Monday @ 5:30 PM

Also LDA offers a Grief Support by appointment that specializes in comforting families and friends who have  lost loved ones to the disease of addiction.  Call Dr. VonZell Wade, LPC, CCTP @ LDA for details 724-212-7899

LDA is a Trainer of the
 Recovering Families Educational Series:

Using the Tools of Recovery in Parenting "Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) has been providing information for recovering parents for more than a decade, particularly with Recovering Families, a parenting curriculum that specifically addresses the needs of recovering parents. The goal of the program is to help parents talk with their children about addiction and recovery, discover real-life strategies for balancing the demands of parenting and recovery, and translate the concepts of twelve-step recovery into the realm of parenting. 
 Recovering Families is used across PA at the Child Welfare League of America’s national conference. In evaluating the program with 165 parents in treatment programs, PFSA found that almost all (96%) said they "learned a lot" about talking with their children about addiction, while 86% "learned a lot" about preventing relapse. When asked if "this class changed the way you parent," 95% said their understanding of the impact of SUDs on children had increased "a lot," and 82% said they felt "a lot" more capable of parenting and staying sober. We’re proud of the progress we’re making with Recovering Families"  

Laurie Johnson-Wade, is a trained facilitator of the PA Family Support Alliance Recovering Families Curriculum, the PRO-ACT Family Education Program, Laurie is the Co-Founder of Lost Dreams Awakening RCO. 

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