Lost Dreams Awakening, (LDA)
Recovery Community Organization
 is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 serving  the AK Valley
 LDA Hope Squad

"Unconditional Hope"

For eight weeks, Rachel Smith (Production Manager at Saltworks Theatre Company) was commissioned to work with the members of the LDA Hope Squad to create a performance piece for the LDA 2017 Recovery Support Symposium and beyond.

The piece is a collaborative product of each ensemble member's personal journey through addiction and long-term recovery. The ensemble's hope is that lives will be changed through the power of live theater as our stories of our darkest moments, the struggles we currently face, and most importantly, the hope that we all share, come to life on stage.

To schedule a Performance  - Contact:

Lost Dreams Awakening RCO
724-594-7903 or 724-594-7670

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